Welcome to Waterloo Architecture Work From Home website: your window into the School of Architecture to stay connected while learning, working and teaching remotely! This is our one-stop site to check-in on all the activities going on this term. From wherever you are – and whether you are student, staff, faculty or alumni, in a work term or academic term, teaching or learning – visit often to learn about the events, lectures, virtual exhibitions, or ongoing courses and projects. Come here to check out on what the student groups are up to, get updates on school initiatives, browse through the courses offered this term, and see what research projects we are working on.    
The Waterloo Architecture WFH website is a project developed by the school's DATALab group to keep the community together in these unprecedented times, and we invite you to use our contact form to get in touch with with comments, suggestions and updates.

For all official information on Waterloo Architecture, please refer to https://uwaterloo.ca/architecture/