An Introduction to Architectural Ideas and Communication

Teaching Assistant(s)
Shannon Kennelly
Mayuri Paranthahan

This introductory course explores historic and contemporary ideas in architecture. It is particularly focused on tracing architectural ideas as they evolve over time, and as they manifest in the context of Canadian modern and contemporary culture. The course is intended to familiarize students with some of most important current topics for architectural academics and practitioners. It also presents historic and current projects, both real and theoretical, that have been created as ways to address these issues, inquire about their impact, and raise awareness of their complexities.

In parallel, the course also introduces students to a range of ways that communications are used to convey architectural ideas. Students will be presented with architectural writings and other architectural media created for different audiences, places, and times. Through hands-on workshops, including sessions on research, writing, and editing, they will develop skills in communicating about—and through—architecture.