Humanics Lab

The Humanics Lab is an interdisciplinary research and design group run by Assist. Prof Jonathan Enns out of the University of Waterloo’s School of Architecture. We design, develop, and test spatial innovations that positively impact people and our environment.

We work with public and private sector partners to transform research findings into built proposals using experiential prototyping and human centred design methods.

Our work spans three territories in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industries:

#Material Systems
Material systems are the materials, elements, and structures, needed to construct our built environment.

#Design Processes
Design processes are the methods, tools, and protocol by which we move from design concepts to executable solutions.

#Spatial Experiences
Spatial Experiences are the resulting  impacts of architecture on human behaviours, thoughts and feelings.

Contributers from the University of Waterloo School of Architecture: 

Maighdlyn Hadley
Aleks Gontarz
Kathleen Fu
Jessie Croll

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