Cultural History II: The Classical World and the Foundations of Europe.

Teaching Assistant(s)
Andrea Quinn
Victor Tulceanu

This course also aims, in addition to providing a grounding in the world of Middle Eastern and European Antiquity, also a first overview of the history of architecture of the West—that is the tradition that is the primary context of contemporary architecture in North America, the tradition to which you will most likely make a contribution in the future. At the end of your first year in architecture school, you should have the beginning of a architectural-historical literacy, which is a pre-condition for you to both understand and participate in architectural culture. Architectural-historical literacy includes a basic understanding of the major architectural styles, typologies, and symbols, major architects, and key stories that shape architectural history as a story. As Arch 143 covers the period from the beginning of civilization up to the year 800 CE, you will have to show familiarity with major buildings constructed in that era.