Pre-contact land sustainability in the Carolinian Zone: Practical knowledge for a changing climate

Teaching Assistant(s)
Nicole Rak

This course introduces students to pre-contact Indigenous land sustainability practices in the Carolinian Zone (South Western Ontario). For generations Indigenous peoples of the region relied
on sophisticated traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) to transform their world. Creating complex and dynamic ecosystems that sustained their civilizations, cultural wisdom, and an array of interconnected flora and fauna. Learn ways these relationship are established and maintained through practical experiences on the land and how that relationship can address food security, sustainable design, and land restoration.

Student Work Gallery

  • Image
    Watercolour drawing of a Brook Trout
    Brook Trout
    Camryn Anderson
  • Image
    Drawing of the Stages of a Pawpaw plants growth
    Stages of Pawpaw
    Catherine Shi
  • Image
    Drawing of a red fox
    The Red Fox
    Christina Vogiatzis
  • Image
    Drawing of a pine cone and a coniferous tree leaf
    Needles and cones
    Claudia Jaegerman
  • Image
    Drawing of the life cycle of Wild Leeks
    Wild Leeks
    David Moraru
  • Image
    Drawing of Strobilomyces strobilaceus at 3 different growth stages
    Old Man of the Woods (Strobilomyces strobilaceus)
    Elizabeth Victoria Sabourin
  • Image
    pen drawing of a raccoon
    Racoon in Daylight
    Jerry Kim
  • Image
    Drawing of wild mushroom
    Matthew Dlugosz