Ancient World & Foundations of Europe

Teaching Assistant(s)
Zaven Titizian
Kelsey Dawson

The course will, as it has since the foundation of the School of Architecture at Waterloo, examine the birth of the city and ancient Mediterranean culture leading on to the rise of Islam and medieval Europe, but for the first time it will deliberately abandon the idea linear narrative of the western canon. The course begins with a work of contemporary fiction by an Ojibway author that celebrates the primacy of the human relationship with the land. Medicine Walk introduces a transverse logic that champions stories and storytelling as essential to human life. In this it is not unique, but it is essential. In its literary form, narrative structure, characters and themes Wagamese’ novel echoes the ancient epics. At the same time it challenges, and even mocks them. In every book we read, in every landscape, building and work of art we observe we must acknowledge the land from which we are looking at the past contains the imprint and memory of the peoples who came before us from whom it was taken. This is the spirit of the course. We cannot forget.