Building Construction 1

Teaching Assistant(s)
Iva Mema
Hyjnid Metaj

This is an introduction to building construction dealing with the systems surrounding the making of buildings, introduction to sustainable design, building science, soils, foundations, wood frame systems and masonry systems. The course begins with an historical introduction of the primary materials of stone, steel and reinforced concrete to discover the impact of their development on architectural design through the past 300 years. 

Students will  

  • keep a detailed sketchbook of examples and details addressed in class 
  • prepare a sketch per week of an aspect of construction/materiality/the city  
  • complete an end of term technical drawing assignment 

There will be an emphasis on developing communication skills through sketching - including both observed situations as well as detailed sketches of building construction assemblies. 

The focus of the lectures will be to show that material selections matter, and that there is an intrinsic connection between the materials we choose, the resultant design (style) and its impact on the environment.