KLANG [sound] - City, Sound, Architecture, Music


This 3B Design Studio proposes the design of an urban and architectural setting for the creation of, and for gathering and listening to sound and music. Live entertainment will have to be totally rethought post-pandemic. Many cities explore the possibilities of enhancing their appeal to musicians, and the music industry, following the examples of as Austin, Texas; Nashville, Tennessee; Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; Montreal, Quebec and the metropolitan conditions of Dakar, Lagos, New York, London, Paris, Sao Paulo; all considered key sites for music and sound work. Nashville, a business–oriented music city, accommodates artists with local recording studios [estimated at over 300], record labels, [estimated at 80], music publishers [an estimated 130] and some 100 live music clubs, as well as cafés for emerging artists, popular music halls, radio and television coverage of local venues, and mixed use venues such as musician Jack White’s Third Man label, a venue and recording facility, or United Record, a local vinyl record pressing factory. Austin is known for its live concert nightlife. Organizations in Montréal include the Pop Montreal festival, and SAT, which recently partnered with the Paris music hall, the Gaité–Lyrique. SAT [Société d’Art et Technologie] provides many entry-level intern positions [around 200] in performance, electronic recording, research. These demonstrate the significance of access to sound and media creation facilities. Another area is that of independent radio – SkB architects designed a new facility for KEXP radio in Seattle with performance spaces (planning 400 live shows per year), coffee shop and record store.