Approaches to Architecture and Urbanism


The course provides a cross-disciplinary overview to approaches to architecture and urbanism. A series of topics are introduced, and students select, and/or combine approaches, to present seminars on selected topics, using a case study method and ideally linking the subject to an emerging master of architecture thesis in question. Using the tradition of illustration to link urbanism and architecture with other drawing and depiction modes, the final submission will take form similar to a short graphic novel illustrating an array of design principles. The work of contemporary architects, designers and artists, from artist Marcel Dzama’s storyboard for filmmaking, to graphic novelists using ink: Julie Doucet (Montréal), Seth (Guelph) or Chris Ware (Chicago) to designers, sometimes of illustration-influenced architecture, such as Archigram, BIG, Cedric Price, Diébédo Francis Kéré ,Neuteling (of Neutelings Riedijk), OMA, Superstudio, David Adjaye, to moving image clips or films such as Nairobi-based sci-fi short Pumzi by Wanuri Kahiu of 2009, or reference to Mayan glyphs, or Bénin bronze sculpture, introduced by historian David Olusoga. Science fiction texts by authors such as Octavia E. Butler, whose work predicts climate change issues will be introduced. Cartoon-like drawings will be considered as prototypes and precedents for the final submission.