Architecture Across the Ecological Continuum


The biosphere of our earth is a continuum of time and space through which species and communities continually flow, interact, and evolve. Within this ecological continuum, a building is a short-term assemblage of matter and energy. The process of building and unbuilding extends backwards to landscapes of extraction and production, through conditions of habitat destruction, and forwards to processes of waste management and toxicity-remediation. All along the way there are socio-economic ramifications and environmental injustices that radiate from the global process of construction. Yet the "practice of architecture" is contractually-bound and narrowly-defined as the provision of architectural services including the design and preparation of drawings and documents to facilitate the construction of a building, addressing only a sliver of space and time and neglecting the rest. Architecture across the Ecological Continuum will be a collaborative exploration of the here, distant and future ecologies of buildings. The objective will be to expand the spatial and temporal consideration of the architect beyond the immediacy of professional services and to ecologically radicalize our role in the process of building.