1B Design Studio

Teaching Assistant(s)
Ali Sermol
Liam Bursey
Shannon Kennelly

Students coming into this studio from first semester will have been introduced to architectural concepts, analysis, and representation. In order to build on this foundation, this course will broaden the range of design activities and investigations that can serve as project drivers. This will reinforce that design is a non-linear process, and that this process can be approached through a variety of investigations, experiments, and activities. In this course specifically, we will deal with formal and structural exploration, abstraction and diagramming, mapping, programming, sectional speculation, and rendering of experiential moments all potential activities that can stimulate and inform design. By pursuing a variety of design activities, this studio will foreground independent inquiry, where students are free to explore a variety of interests and motives, which will be supported by instructors.

These design activities will be implemented in a set three projects that are designed to challenge common architectural processes. As such, students will back asked to remain open minded, to challenge themselves, to remain inquisitive, and to seek answers through discussion and iteration.