Praxes of Care: Communication | Arriscraft Speaker Series Fall 2022

In Honour of Andrew Levitt, celebrating the legacy of a Professor Emeritus dedicated to teaching on care, and with care.

Design as protest: organizing for change
September 8th, 6:30pm - 7:00pm Lecture | Laurence A Cummings Lecture Theatre, School of Architecture
7:00pm - 8:30pm Workshop | The Loft, School of Architecture

Sophie Weston Chien, Design as Protest
Simone Delaney, Design as Protest
Victor Zagabe, Design as ProtestWorkshop supported by: Bz Zhang, christin hu, Fauzia Khanani, Kiki Cooper, Marwa Al-Saqqar, Sarah Gunawan

Advocating for the right to healthcare
September 22nd, 6:30pm | Laurence A Cummings Lecture Theatre, School of Architecture, School of Architecture 
Lori Brown, Syracuse University
Alice Maguire, Sanguen Health Centre
Moderator: Tara Bissett, Waterloo Architecture

Online Event - Citizen power in informal cities
October 6th, 6:30pm 
Wandile Mthiyane, Ubuntu
Richard Dobson, Asiye eTafuleni
Moderator: David Fortin, University of Waterloo School of Architecture

Online Event - Surveillance, violence, and truth
November 3rd, 6:30pm 
Shourideh C. Molavi, Forensic Architecture
Alison Killing, Killing Architects
Moderator: Anwar Jaber, University of Waterloo School of Architecture

Listening as architectural practice
November 17th, 6:30pm | Laurence A Cummings Lecture Theatre, School of Architecture
Bruce Haden, Human Studio
Nina Hitzler, Workshop Architects
Moderator: Lorene Casiez, Human Space

To Life—L’Chaim: From Tambacounda (Senegal) to Babyn Yar (Ukraine)
Friday, December 2, 2022 6:30pm | Laurence A Cummings Lecture Theatre, School of Architecture
Manuel Hertz, Manuel Herz Architects
Robert Jan van Pelt, Waterloo Architecture
Moderator: Marie-Paule Macdonald, Waterloo Architecture

Praxes of Care asks, “what is an architecture of care?” Over four terms–Fall 2021 to Winter 2023–a series of conversations will bring together two or more architects, designers, researchers, artists, activists, and care workers to discuss care processes according to the themes of Attention, Action, Communication, and Maintenance. The series is curated by faculty, staff, and representatives of student groups: Treaty Lands Global StoriesBridge, and the Sustainability Collective. Recent calls for change have shifted the discipline toward the underlying social and ecological processes enabled by the production of architecture. By listening to and learning about care practices from interdisciplinary perspectives, we can begin to reshape the discipline of architecture into a form of care.


In our ongoing Speaker Series, this semester we investigate communication within a praxis of care. As Berenice Fisher and Joan Tronto point out, care involves two-way interaction between care-givers and care-receivers and this communication is fraught with imbalances of power.  Architecture is a discipline that cares for the organization of material spaces designed for human use, but often there is insufficient care for the future inhabitants of a building as a result of poor communication. In order to make architecture that facilitates and supports caring relationships between its users, special attention must be paid to the exchange of information between architects as care-givers and building inhabitants as care-receivers. This communication can be overt and very loud, or it can be barely audible, expressing itself through other senses, such as touch or vision. It also can act directly between the designer and future user or it can be mediated by government regulations or market practices that place limitations and norms on the design of architecture, creating negative and even violent effects on its inhabitants. Within this fall series we will discuss protest, advocacy, empowerment, investigation and listening as different forms of care communication, each necessary to create economically, socially, and ecologically equitable built environments for all.

The lecture series committee is: Tara Bissett, Adrian Blackwell, Amanda Dudnik,  Jaliya Fonseka, Marie-Paule Macdonald, Beth Vince, Wendy Yuan, Joel Wan, Victor Zagabe. Former members involved in planning this series: Brenda Reid, Julie Dring, Mayuri Paranthahan.

Brenda Reid's recent graduate thesis, CARE As Architectural Practiceacts as the foundational framework for the series, including its four-part structure: attention, action, communication and maintenance. 

The four linked posters for the series are designed by Julia Nakanishi.

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