Sustainability Collective

photograph of a climate protest

The Sustainability Collective is an open group of students, faculty, and staff dedicated to addressing how we can implement meaningful and lasting change in our school, community, and profession.

In our school we act on two fronts: the first in academics, where we research and advocate for curriculum change which encourages design centred around greater environmental, social, and political responsibility. The second is in the occupation of our school building. We improve waste management, raise awareness of best practices, and design new ways for students to easily live, learn and work sustainably here at our Cambridge campus

In our community we aim to connect our school with broader networks by working with sustainability initiatives within our home city of Cambridge as well as with groups across Canada. Through resource sharing, event coordination, and community involvement we are expanding the Collective into a powerful force for change.

In our profession we seek to encourage new discussions and ideas about the future of buildings and cities in a world of ecological and social justice. We produce writing, participate in conferences, host speakers, and coordinate workshops in order to generate discussion within the field and help shape our profession for a better future.

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