Engineering Design – Michelle Liu & Bogdan Cristescu

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
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Michelle Liu
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BW: S2020 – Expert Q&A – DESIGN

Michelle Liu and Bogdan Cristescu discuss and answer questions about Engineering Design. Offered as a part of Building Workshop Summer 2020 (BW: S2020).


BW: S2020
This Workshop is for members of the University of Waterloo community who wish to expand their learning this summer, in particular for those who are interested in buildings. The content will be targeted at a mid-level undergraduate student audience, but some may range from basic to advanced depending on what your academic background is (i.e a 2B architecture student has a different understanding of people and culture than a 2B civil engineering student). There is so much to cover when considering buildings: how they are designed, how they are built, who builds them, who uses them... the list goes on. In order to provide some structure to the content in this workshop, we have created 7 Streams by which we will categorize the materials: 1. Careers, 2. Design, 3. People and Culture, 4. Service, 5. Sustainability, 6. Technology and 7. Visual Communication.

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