Rethinking property in c\a\n\a\d\a

1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Organized by:
Adrian Blackwell
David Fortin
Bonnie Devine
Tiffany Kaewen Dang
Luugigyoo Patrick Reid Stewart

This virtual round table will bring together Indigenous and settler architects and urbanists to share their perspectives on how property could be rethought, in order to reimagine the form and structure of Canadian cities. The conversation will be informed by the soon to be published issue 12/13 of the journal Scapegoat: Architecture/Landscape/Political Economy titled c\a\n\a\d\a: Delineating nation state capitalism edited by David Fortin and Adrian Blackwell. The issue looks at property division as the hinge between settler colonialism and architectural and urban form. This two-hour virtual round table will be hosted by the Salon für Kunstbuch, a presentation space and artists-book studio in Vienna, Austria. Blackwell and Fortin will present initial questions for discussion.


Salon für Kunstbuch