ARCH393 - Enns - Learning to draw process

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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comic strip describing scenario where thumb gets hit while hammering
Learning to draw process
Nadya Closa and Cassandra Lesage Fongue

One of the best ways we can learn to design for time is to look at successful examples. Our first project of the semester will introduce students to a series of building precedents that are exemplars for how buildings can successfully adapt to changing human need over time. These precedents are curated to present a range of examples across three variables: Scale (building size & duration of change), Ease (easy to hard levels of adaptation), Open-ness (low to high levels of adaptability). These examples will be understood through a “4D" analysis that outlines the major phase changes in the process of building adaptation while charting the corresponding human narrative through illustration and storyboarding. These are skills that will then be deployed on a student designed project in the next phases of the studio.