F_RMlab Spring 2021 Digital Research Symposium - Day 2

6:00 PM - 8:10 PM
Organized by:
Christopher Hardy
Adrian Chiu
Cynthia Eng
Omar Oosthuizen
Rebecca Kempe
Sarah Shum


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F_RMlab will be hosting its inaugural digital forum on the intersection of architecture and emerging technologies. The mission of this event is to facilitate in-depth discussions to engage current graduate students, alumni, and professionals to broaden the discourse of computational and technology driven design and research at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture.

This event will run from May 18th – May 19th, between 6PM – 8PM EST each day. We are fortunate to have esteemed colleagues and alumni who will be presenting their research at this symposium. These individuals are a mixture of graduates from the M.Arch program and Professors at the School of Architecture. They are:

- Maya Przybylski (Associate Prof.)

- Alice Huang (M.Arch ’21)

- Jonathan Enns (Assistant Prof.)

- Aleks Gontarz (M.Arch ’20)

- David Correa (Assistant Prof.)

- Winston Yew (M.Arch ’19)

- Leo Liu (M.Arch ’20)