Land Stories – A Workshop

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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Attending Notes

This workshop is aimed to be casual, open, and participatory – not another zoom lecture! We highly encourage students to attend and share their contemplations on Indigeneity. While the workshop is hosted on zoom – we will be using Miro as well.  

Two fists with LAND BACK written on the knuckles. Text above reads “Land Stories – A Workshop”
Black flag is held up by orange posts. Flag is covered in orange words. Prominent words in white read “Land Stories – A Workshop. Challenging the site analysis of studio designs.”

We welcome students and faculty to think through a series of prompts and create their own Land Stories. Collectively, we hope to share these stories, challenge the role of a land acknowledgement, and work towards a decolonized approach to design and the site analysis.  


Land Stories, a concept introduced to us by the Boarding Diaspora podcast, describes the process of unpacking our personal history with the Land. Through this workshop, we hope to ask the hard questions: Do you feel a sense of home on this land? How did you come to reside in settler-colonial Canada? How can we, as architects, design ethically on Turtle Island?