Bracket [On Sharing] awarded Graham Foundation grant

Bracket [On Sharing]

Launched in 2008, Bracket is a research collaborative operating as a nonprofit association registered in Canada. School of Architecture Interim O’Donovan Director Maya Przybylski is editor and member of the collaborative led by four architect-academics based in Canada and the United States. Bracket's mission is to highlight the next generation of designers, thinkers, and critics that are examining how architecture, in its broadest possible sense, shapes our social, ecological, and political realms. 

Bracket [On Sharing] examines design work and theoretical papers that offer contemporary models of sharing. From recent discussions on the sharing economy and co-living, to shared resources at the individual to infrastructural scale, [On Sharing] investigates how design can produce innovative ways to share space, time, or resources to foster a more equitable and collective society.  

Furthering its mission to support the development and exchange of ideas about architecture and design, the Graham Foundation announces the award of 36 grants to organizations. These projects include exhibitions, publications, digital initiatives, and other public presentations led by organizations based in cities such as Accra, Buenos Aires, Colombo, London, New York, St. Louis, Toronto, and Chicago, where the Graham Foundation is based. Together, these organizations support the work of architects, artists, designers, critics, curators, scholars, and others, to explore new possibilities for the field and engage practitioners and publics worldwide. 
The new grantees join a global network of organizations and individuals that the Graham Foundation has supported since its founding in 1956. In that time, the Foundation has awarded more than $42 million in direct support to nearly 5,000 projects by organizations and individuals. 
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