Philip Beesley speaks at DigitalFUTURES Young Interactive Design panel

Photograph of Meander installation in Tapestry Hall Cambridge, Canada.

WA Professor Philip Beesley participated in a panel at a DigitalFUTURES Young talk, moderating and responding to Interactive Architecture research from five design teams. Philip was joined by moderators Virginia Melnyk and Gustavo Rincon, with presentations by Roshni Gera + Misbah Shehreen Baig + Yunzhu Duan + Elisavet Konstantinidou, Mümün Keser, Mona Ghandi, Zoe Diakak + Marina Mersiadou, and Irem Bugdayci.

Within this talk, Philip responded to wide-ranging interactive design projects, highlighting the sense of empathy which served as a common thread among the projects. In a time when our collective ability to be alive is being tested, these interactive design projects demonstrated great confidence in shaping the built environment - but how can we use sensitivity and compassion to address the level of care required of interactive design projects today? How can we turn the boundary between nature and technology into a viable and reciprocal medium to be traversed, and view living architecture as a collective discipline?

This panel discussion is part of a series that relates to many Waterloo Architecture threads of research and creation. The series can be found here.