Buildings Workshop Winter 2021


Join the Winter 2021 Buildings Workshop on Learn!   


The Buildings Workshop is a free self-registered online course offered through the University of Waterloo that gives you access to architecture and engineering-focused content whether you are on a remote co-op term, a part-time study term, or somewhere in between. New content is uploaded and streamed on Learn every week of the term, beginning on January 11th.  


In the Workshop, you will be able to: 

Build your portfolio with design project prompts and competition postings  

Attend live lectures and Q&A with experts from a variety of design and engineering fields  

Meet students from other design and engineering disciplines  

Improve your skills via software and workflow tutorials  

Receive constructive feedback on projects designed to get you thinking critically about the built environment 

Learn from 7 interdisciplinary streams: Careers, Design, People and Culture, Service, Sustainability Technology, and Visual Communication 


How to enroll:  

Log onto the Learn homepage and click Self-Registration. Scroll through the list of Course Offerings and find Buildings Workshop: Winter 2021. Click the hyperlink of the same name in the Course Offering Name column. In the pop-up, click Register. Confirm your info and click Submit, review the details, and click Submit again. Clicking Done will complete your registration.   

The Buildings Workshop will now be accessible via Learn like any other course.