Congratulations to the CISC winners!


Congratulations to Waterloo Architecture students and Faculty Advisors Terri Meyer Boake, Cam Parkin and Justin Breg for sweeping the 2020-2021 CISC Architectural Student Design Competition! The Award of Excellence goes to Phil Carr-Harris and James Kwon of 4B for Common Market. Meghan Engelen, Maggie Claus and Eric Duplessis of 1B received an Award of Merit for Market on Ice. Elise Cloutier and Steven Lin of 3B received an Award of Merit for Queens Quay Commons.

The Market is the theme of this year’s CISC Student Design Competition. The market in a city is a public place for retailers to expose their merchandise. It can be a municipal market, a farmer’s market, but also a place that allows community events, the exhibition of art, cafes and food shops with informal seating, areas to sit and relax and service functions like bicycle storage and toilets.

The design challenge is to select a site in a Canadian city where a market would stimulate an underused space, offer nearby services to residents at walking distance, create an area for social gathering that would support small businesses and the local community.

A grand structural steel canopy will be the key architectural/structural element of the market. The canopy will act as a giant roof. Its surface can be transparent or opaque. The design challenge is about creating an elegant steel canopy that establishes a relationship with its context with its height, shape, area, colour and structural steel expression. The design includes the site plan with required permanent and temporary constructions for the market.