2019-20 Award Winner - Nicole Cao

Section drawing through building
Caterpillar Children's Library
Nicole Cao

Congratulations to Nicole Cao, who received an award for ​​Outstanding Design Work in 1B (Arch 193) for the 1B term in Winter 2020.

ARCH 193
Library+ / New Models for Learning & Lending
Coordinated by Maya Przybylski
Recently, public libraries have broadened their services and resources to include things like tool libraries, health clinics, makerlabs, co-working spaces among many others. With this expansive view of its offerings to a community, the Library+ has emerged as an incredibly valuable public incubator – bringing and stimulating social, cultural, economic, and educational support and development. These projects explore this new typology by developing and integrating programmatic, spatial, contextual, material and tectonic architectural strategies into a proposal for a new library+ building along the West Toronto Rail Path.

Caterpillar Children's Library
With its dynamic circulation, Caterpillar merges reading with play to encourage exploration and facilitate learning. Its large bookstacks frame layered views, serve as thresholds between open and closed or interior and exterior spaces, and also contain programmatic elements such as shelving, seating, and hidden nooks.

I chose architecture because I was interested in its cultural and historical implications. My favourite part about the design process is exploring potential storytelling moments and spatial opportunities through traditional drawing media.

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