2019-20 Award Winner - Maxwell Perry

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A Memorial to Environmental Violence - Section
Maxwell Perry

Congratulations to Maxwell Perry, who received an award for ​​Outstanding Design Work in 2A (Arch 292) for the 2A term in Fall 2019.

Arch 292
The Function of Effect: Durational Space In Architecture and Cinema
Coordinated by David Correa + Dereck Revington
Our ambition in this studio is that you might be nudged into a dance with architecture; an architecture of your imagination and making, and that we too, as passers-by, might be nudged in this dance. We all need mediators as Gilles Deleuze asserts, something to set us in motion and, at the outset of this studio it is cinema that will be deployed to put us in orbit.

The City of Today Tomorrow is alive. It swells, consumes, and builds towards a better future. It competes and reaches out to neighbouring cities. They combine to form an endless concrete sprawl. As quickly as it builds, the city falls into disrepair. In one of these pockets a memorial rises. You stand as the perpetrator and the victim. It is not your fault that the city has built itself the way it has but your quietness is just as telling. Ethereal, it hangs above you, criticizing with its weight. Sunlight draws you further, but the distance between you two is apparent. Split violently down the middle, the monument yells as much as it pleads about an ongoing crisis. Reaching upwards it acknowledges the blinding vastness of the sky. Upon moving inside, the smell of ash hangs in the air. Meandering through the columns you run your finger against their charred exteriors. Descending through the floor plate, you linger along the wall before hesitantly stepping under the wound. The weight of the void is immense. Outside the sun shines warmly on a small maple sapling.

I am motivated by the ways in which I, as an architect, can address the challenges of our current time in order to better the life of an individual, a community, or the world as a whole. The pursuit of wholistic, thoughtful, and nuanced response to site in order to develop a sustainable future interest me.

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