2019-20 Award Winner - Isaac Walsh

sectional moment
Prisma Centre - section
Isaac Walsh


Congratulations to Isaac Walsh, who received an award for ​​Outstanding Design Work in 2A (Arch 292) for the 2A term in Fall 2019.

Arch 292
The Function of Effect: Durational Space In Architecture and Cinema
Coordinated by David Correa + Dereck Revington
Our ambition in this studio is that you might be nudged into a dance with architecture; an architecture of your imagination and making, and that we too, as passers-by, might be nudged in this dance. We all need mediators as Gilles Deleuze asserts, something to set us in motion and, at the outset of this studio it is cinema that will be deployed to put us in orbit.

The Prisma Centre revolves around celebrating the creative power brought by natural light as a communication tool. Film and Photography are powerful mediums that utilize light in a way that allow them to share a specific idea or concept with those around them through means of visual language and queues that sub-consciously affect the human psyche. The Prisma Centre aims to keep the visual language alive by encouraging filmmakers, artists, photographers, and other creators working in the visual medium to use the space to exhibit their projects to the public. The theatre, gallery, and lobby spaces are distinctively separated by level while still maintaining a close relationship with one another to focus on the social aspect of film and cinema and how forms of visual communication can affect those who experience it.

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