2019-20 Award Winners - Maighdlyn Hadley


Congratulations to Maighdlyn Hadley, recipient of the Marj Schaefer Award.

Maighdlyn Hadley is a recent MArch graduate. While at Waterloo, she served as the co-ordinator of Mentorship for Architecture Peers and as a graphics lead and editor for galt journal. Her thesis research centred behavioural psychology as a tool for designing and testing the efficacy of stress relief supports, and the role of waiting in urban design. Since graduating, she has been engaged as a fellow with the Centre for Conscious Design (@theccdesign): look out for "Shaping an Equitable City," a series of panel discussions and workshops she's running with them the week of October 19th!  Maighdlyn works remotely as a project lead at a science-informed architecture and design practice, facilitating participatory design for corporate and nonprofit clients. She will post design things at @maighdlyn.hadley soon.  

"Hurry Up and Wait: Spatial Strategies for Urban Stress Relief"
Supervised by Jonathan Enns