Robert Jan van Pelt recognized for research excellence

photograph of a synagogue
Manuel Herz's design for the Babyn Yar Synagogue
© Manuel Herz Architekten

We would like to extend warmest congratulations to Robert Jan van Pelt, who has received the Engineering Research Excellence Award in the Professor category.

Robert Jan is an architectural historian and one of the world's leading experts on Auschwitz. He is currently a member of the architectural board for Babyn Yar, the ravine in Kyiv (Ukraine) that was the site of one of the largest single massacres in the Holocaust. He has been helping to plan close to that site what will be the world’s largest Holocaust memorial centre, which is to include a synagogue, church and mosque, a research centre and two museums to commemorate both the atrocities at the Babyn Yar site and the wider genocide against Eastern European Jews. Robert Jan has been an integral part of the School of Architecture since 1987, teaching cultural history and architectural history & theory courses. He also received the Engineering Research Excellence Award award in 2005.

The Engineering Research Excellence Awards (EREA) are presented each year to tenure or tenure-track faculty members in the Faculty of Engineering in recognition of outstanding research accomplishments. The recipient of the award will be selected on a competitive basis and judged by a panel of faculty members consisting of one member from each Engineering department, including Architecture.  

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