Cheryll Case

Adjunct Professor

Cheryll Case practices a human rights approach to community planning. As founder and Principal Urban Planner of CP Planning, Cheryll coordinates with charities, private sector industries, and communities to resource the systems necessary to secure dignified living for all peoples. This includes an acute focus on housing as a human right, supporting urban agriculture, and improving the ability for marginalized residents to access arts and culture opportunities. Her work has included leading a Toronto wide and grassroots led consultation series on housing as a human right, as well as work local to the Eglinton Avenue West neighbourhood. Her workshops have been attended by hundreds of residents, and her advice sought out by federal, provincial, and municipal agencies and leaders in housing. She is a proud author and editor of "House Divided: How the Missing Middle Will Solve Toronto's Affordable Housing Crisis",a collection of essays shortlisted for the Legislative Assembly of Ontario's 2020 Speaker's Book Award. She served as a member of theCity of Toronto's Expert Advisory Committee on the 2020-2030 Affordable Housing Plan, is currently a co-chair of the Balanced Supply of Housing Nde of the Canadian Housing Evidence Collaborative, and is a member of the ULI Equity Diversity and Inclusion committee. She graduated from Ryerson University's Bachelors of Urban Planning program in 2017.