Salim El Filali

Adjunct Professor

At the age of nineteen years old, Salim El Filali came to Canada from Morocco to start his bachelor's degree in architecture at Université de Montréal. After graduating in 2014, he decided to settle in Montréal and worked for two years for a small architecture office called Archidesign Inc. The architect he was working for, Oualid Benabdallah, would assert that Salim's "design work is highly original and sometimes features extreme ideas, but he never is out of arguments to defend them." Salim decided to start his Master of Architecture degree at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture in fall 2016, with a co-op completed in Japan, and completed his degree with a thesis entitled "Grey to Green 13 Gates to the Greenbelt" with the support of Andrew Levitt, his thesis supervisor, and Jane Hutton, his committee member. Besides, "Connecting with Clean Water" was a project Salim developed at school with his teammate Amirhesam Monshi and professor Terri Meyer Boake, and received an Award of Excellence, 1st place, by the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC). The same project also received an honorable mention, 4th place, by "the Design that Educates Award" in Germany. Salim compiles six terms of teaching experience as a teaching assistant and sessional instructor at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture, and two terms as a sessional instructor at the McEwen School of Architecture at Laurentian University, all being studio courses.