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    photograph of installation
  • Image
    photgraph of installation
Project Team

Lola Sheppard
Mason White
Alex Bodkin
CS Design:
Conor Sampson
Anne-Marie Paquette

Project Date

Our streets and public spaces are typically most active when tied to consumer activities: shopping, restaurants, or unique urban events such as concerts or festivals. Impulse encourages people to engage in an immediate way with public space for the sheer delight of being together, to play and laugh collectively, decoupled with activities of consumption. The project has been a tremendous public success, being in near constant use at all hours of the day, and has been posted on thousands of Instagram feeds—with the public documenting themselves on it, laughing and playing despite cold temperatures. Intended to travel, Impulse can be reconfigured to varying public spaces, creating different urban experiences. The project imagines urban interventions as spaces of collective delight.