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    close up of lighting system
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    diagram of location of sensors in site building
    Sensor Network: the project mobilizes the investment, value and opportunities found in the integration of building sensors in E7, by bringing collected sensor data to life through the implementation of an engaging, highly-visible, interactive installation
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    perspective views of bridge installation
    Overhead installation displays building sensors
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    diagran of led hub unit
    Light Drum: A custom-built light drum is responds to signals from a micro-controller which translates collected sensor data to color and intensity values of a 2D grid of addressable RGBW LEDs.
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    rendering of lighting system
    An array of six custom built Addressable LED drums responsively illuminate an undulating landscape of acrylic profiles. The light colours and intensities are driven by the real-time data collected from the network of installed sensors along the bridge.
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    a series of photographs showing various lighting configurations
Critical Matter: Materials, Computation + Craft
Project Team

Student Lead: J. Cameron Parkin
Student Design Team: Shiobhan Allman, Boran Wang

Project Date

LinkLab explores opportunities, found in the integration of building sensors in a new UW building, through a responsive installation combining computation, digital fabrication and ICT.