Making Camp

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    rendering of camping platform
Planet in Crisis: Territories, Cities + Landscape
Project Team

Lola Sheppard
Mason White / University of Toronto, Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design
Alex Bodkin
Sarah Gunawan

Project Date

With so much attention placed on gear and material innovation, little attention has been paid to the campsite itself. This project foregrounds the campsite as a design question. Is there a possibility for other forms of collectivity in the remote? The Making Camp series of proposals consider new possibilities of collective camping and the processes they entail. It questions the role of the campsite, the experiences enabled by it, and the environments created by camping infrastructures. The project highlights five possible formats for camping that synchronize environment and spatial order. The designs explore how campers related to each other, how camping rituals are enacted and inform spatial order, and how the campsite interacts with its context.