Breaking Foundations: A cross-institutional dialogue about ongoing movements for equity and justice in design education

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Organized by:
Simone Delaney
Niara van Gaalen

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Please register ahead of time for the event. If event reaches capacity, it will be both live streamed and available for viewing after.


Accessibility notes: closed captioning will be provided. Please reach out if you have any accessibility questions or concerns.

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White background with a circular aerial sketch of Parliament Hill in Ottawa placed in the center with a black shadow of its outline placed underneath. On a diagonal, slicing halfway through the sketch, the event's title is place in red, "Breaking Foundations." Arching around the top and bottom of the sketch, red text states "Join architecture students and alumni across so-called Canada. A cross-institutional dialogue about ongoing movements for equity and justice in design education." At the top center, the
Breaking Foundations
Meg Won
White background with an aerial sketch of Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Place on top is the events title in red, "Breaking Foundations”
Breaking Foundations
Meg Won

Join architecture students and alumni for a cross-institutional dialogue about ongoing movements for equity and justice in design education.


We are honoured to have special guests, Camille Mitchell (@ms_camillemitchell) and Tammy Gaber (@tammygaber), bring forward their own experiences with architectural education throughout their careers.


Moderators: Simone Delaney & Niara van Gaalen


Special guest: Tammy Gaber is an associate professor at the McEwen School of Architecture of Laurentian University where she teaches design and theory courses, joining as founding faculty in 2013. Dr. Gaber previously taught at University of Waterloo, American University in Cairo and the British University in Egypt. Some of her publications include her forthcoming book "Beyond the Divide: A Century of Canadian Mosque Design and Gender Allocation" and chapters on vernacular and regional architecture in "Habitat" Vernacular Architecture for a Changing Planet."


Special guest: Camille Mitchell leverages her professional work to cement her reputation as a powerful advocate for under-represented groups to be involved with her design of their built environments. She is a founding member of the independent organizations Building Equality in Architecture Toronto (BEAT) @beat_to and Black Architects + Interior Designer Association (BAIDA) @baida. Their programs are dedicated to supporting mentorship, networking and leadership opportunities for women and visible minorities within the architectural profession.