galt. Issue 04: PAUSE/PLAY has launched

Our reality has shifted. Through sporadic lockdowns, movements for social change shake the world while we organize within the digital realm. As time becomes nebulous, galt’s fourth issue pauses to question the design of our current reality and critically addresses our path towards better ones. Published by Riverside Architectural Press, this 154-page, full-colour book features a risograph-printed cover, a Treaty Lands Global Stories-designed BINGO card, and an O:se Kenhionhata:tie (Land Back Camp) flyer—presenting 19 submissions, 4 interviews, and 1 community outreach project on pausing and playing.

Visit the website to learn more and to purchase a copy.

Issue Team
Natalie Jianyi Kopp
Lucy Lin
Nisha Bhathella
Sigi Buzi
Vicky Cao
Jamie Cheung
Tobias Feltman
Magdalena Kaczmarczyk
Isabel Kim
Ellie Kingsley
Cathy Li
Omar Oosthuizen
Mayuri Paranthahan
Poorna Patange
Ali Sermol
Brian Tien
Cynthia Zhang
Daisy Zhang