Jane Hutton goes international for upcoming keynote talks

Jane Hutton Headshot

Associate Professor Jane Mah Hutton to speak at two upcoming international keynote talks.

Jane is a landscape architect whose research focuses on the expanded relationships of the act of building – from material flows to labour movements. Hutton’s work examines the movement of materials as they pass from production landscapes (plantations, quarries, factories) to designed constructions (buildings, landscapes, infrastructure) through demolition and disposal or re-use.


The Symposium Under the Landscape aims for a critical reevaluation of the very term and notion of the ‘landscape’ and its potential value as a meeting ground for strategic collaborations. In this, the location of the symposium is crucial: theoretical explorations will interact with the physical landscapes of Santorini and Therasia. The evident contrast between the overdeveloped landscape of the former and the neglected landscape of the latter provides a productive conceptual space to think towards the future of the landscapes with(in) which we live. 

Jane will be speaking in Santorini, Greece at the conference on June 26th, 2022.


The fifth Living Cities Forum features renowned urbanism experts delivering thought-provoking keynote lectures on the theme: ‘Material Flows’. It will examine the global material flows that underwrite our growing built environments. While there has been some increased awareness of the impacts of our material use, our approach to building construction continues to reflect short-term commercial interests over long-term environmental interests. These short-term interests are most evident in the material flow of pollution.

Jane will be speaking in Melbourne, Australia at the conference on July 21st, 2022.