Second-year student, Loriane Wong, wows with her design for Waterloo's former police building


Professor Rick Haldenby took 90 second-year students to the former Waterloo Regional Police Service building on Frederick Street in the Civic District of downtown Kitchener to perform an adaptive reuse design exercise.

A remarkable student, Loriane Wong, surprises Haldenby with her approach to exercise. She took inspiration from the limestone edifice's original drawings from 1958, "When hand drafting was an art form," paying homage to its past. 

Her design includes 20 studios, 225-seat main theatre and a 120-seat incubation theatre. “It ties into the history of the building while creating a strong identity for its future.” By adding new programs to the pre-existing building, Wong hopes to help the "Community understand the value of what it has and having it look critically at the present boom in construction.”

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