Against anti-Asian racism

Public Statement

Dear all,

I am writing today to acknowledge the tragic events that took place earlier this month in Atlanta, the killing of eight people, including six Asian women. I want to first clearly state that the School of Architecture stands with all our community, against anti-Asian racism.

In the Racial Equity Environmental Justice Task Force work this past year, we have not addressed directly 

the ongoing anti-Asian discrimination that has continued to increase as a result of hateful propaganda through the pandemic. We have also not considered the prejudices that arise from what is referred to as the model minority myth. Within the School of Architecture, we will need to unearth stories that have not been spoken out yet, and it is clear that our work towards racial equity means calling out and addressing the racial narratives that continue to operate. As we all actively work towards a more inclusive curriculum, culture and community, we have to continue our work to recognize, value and listen to the many identities that constitute who we are.

Today, I want to remind everyone that there are resources that you can access at the University, from the Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion Office, whether you are in an academic term, a cooperative work term or looking for resources and advice from the Equity Office to address and act against racism. I also wanted to let you know that the School of Architecture will be hosting a forum to connect with andgather those who want to share thoughts, listen in or participate in conversations about our way forward with confronting anti-Asian racism generally, and the form in might take in our discipline and institution more specifically.

Please also note that the University of Waterloo Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion Office announced that this Thursday, April 1st, from 10:00am to 12pm EST, it will host the East Asian Solidarity Healing Space. You must register in advance for this event, which is open to students, faculty and staff of East Asian and South East Asian heritage.  

This note is written on the first day of Derek Chauvin’s trial for George Floyd’s death, a painful reminder of the work still to be done to fight systemic racism and inequities on so many fronts. Here at the School of Architecture, but also within the Faculty of Engineering and University of Waterloo, we are committed to work towards equity, fostering a strong and inclusive community with determination, care and mutual respect.