ARCH 690's Serendipity featured in TSA Student Short Film Showcase


Titled “Serendipity” (pleasant accidental discoveries), this is the final project in David Correa’s studio course Material Narratives in the School of Architecture, University of Waterloo. Graduate students Jikyung Jeon, Maulshree Gupta and Wendy Yuan collaboratively proposed a unique architectural experience. Through captivating renderings and immersive cinematography, viewers are guided through a sequential spatial narrative of a spa with an adjacent teahouse. Located on an imaginary forested site at the edge of a lake, the group engages in an intimate dialogue with the landscape features, and experiments with the visitors’ sensory interactions. Their bodies became tools to capture wonderful moments: when birds chirp; when foliage rustles; when water flows; when the fragrance of tea is inhaled… Come and have a sip! Or a dip!

The video was produced by Jikyung Jeon, Maulshree Gupta and Wendy Yuan as part of the ARCH 690 - Studio MB.