Architect Rosaline Hill (BArch ‘98), named Ottawa’s designer of 2021


Rosaline Hill is committed to connecting community-making to advocacy. Her research in neighbourhood development patterns has led to more resources and opportunities for change. 

As a multi-award winning architect, Hill combines her professional expertise — and an aptitude for the intricacies of the city’s approvals process — with a driving passion for advocacy and creating a true sense of community.

Not only is she a founding member of the Urban Infill Council at the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association (and the industry working group that preceded it), for the past three years she’s devoted countless hours to researching development patterns and the forces that generate change in neighbourhoods, primarily through intensification. That research has led to the building of a simulator to understand and map how intensification could happen in neighbourhoods under different regulatory scenarios. Hill expects the simulator to be ready for demonstrations soon and says the city has expressed interest in the project.

"My research into development patterns in neighbourhoods is important because I can demonstrate that we can meet very significant intensification targets without increasing the height.”

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