RAIC Certificate of Merit awarded to Vincent Chuang and Zihao Wei, 4B design studio students


RAIC Certificate of Merit awarded to Professor Haldenby's design studio students

As part of the 2022 National Urban Design Awards hosted by The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC), Vincent Chuang and Zihao Wei received the Certificate of Merit for their project Filling Pieces - Hall's Lane Creative Studios in Kitchener, ON. The students created this for their Design Studio class with Rick Haldenby. They envisioned the future of this establishment "As an active cultural corridor where artists can exhibit and create their work while the community engages and learns."

One jury member stated:

"This project demonstrates how indispensable design students are in the consideration of, and intervention in, the design of our cities. The quality of analysis, interpretation, and design, all completed with appropriate care, led to sensitive adaptive reuse and infill projects that will successfully recalibrate the growth of the city beyond speculative development.  The graphic strategies deployed are seamless and evocative.”

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