2019-20 Award Winner - Adrien Fera

Rendered view of project design
The Vault
Adrien Fera

Congratulations to Adrien Fera, who received two awards; Highest Academic Standing in 1A (overall GPA) and ​​Outstanding Design Work in 1A (Arch 192) for the 1A term in Fall 2019.

ARCH 192
House for a Collector
Coordinated by Fiona Lim Tung
The house for a collector is a hybrid type that blurs the boundaries between house, museum, and archive. As a building, this small but complex collection of spaces must participate in the concern for the thoughtful and inventive accommodation and augmentation of the collection, while still addressing notions of home. 

My name is Adrien Fera, I am a second-year undergraduate student and I believe that a happy life stems from knowledge of and gratitude for your setting and all things within it. If every day you acknowledged the energy, intention, and passion put into the creation of everything around you, you would continually be reminded that you are meant to exist in this place. As a student of dance for most of my life, the ability to affect and observe movement through a designed space is an important concept in my design process. To me, "good design" is accessible to all, conscious of its surroundings and its impact on the earth, while existing lightly upon it.

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