2019-20 Award Winner - Maxwell Steppuhn

Model photo
House for a Collector
Maxwell Steppuhn

Congratulations to Maxwell Steppuhn, who received two awards; Highest Academic Standing in 1A (overall GPA) and ​​Outstanding Design Work in 1A (Arch 192) for the 1A term in Fall 2019.

ARCH 192
House for a Collector
Coordinated by Fiona Lim Tung
The house for a collector is a hybrid type that blurs the boundaries between house, museum, and archive. As a building, this small but complex collection of spaces must participate in the concern for the thoughtful and inventive accommodation and augmentation of the collection, while still addressing notions of home. 

Located in Cambridge, Ontario along the Riverbluffs Park, this live-work residence separates a public gallery and a personal living space with an elevated living room. All leisure spaces within the house are raised, while the work and service programs ground the building on this sloped site. Views are strategically punched or framed to maximise the atmosphere of the surrounding forest and to remain hidden from the public eye. This house attempts to preserve private living spaces in the park while negotiating a boundary to a public workspace.

Check out Maxwell's final studio project here.

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