2019-20 Award Winner - Jessica Kong

Exterior collage view of the house.
Perception of Light
Jessica Kong

Congratulations to Jessica Kong, who received an award for ​​Outstanding Design Work in 1A (Arch 192) for the 1A term in Fall 2019.

ARCH 192
House for a Collector
Coordinated by Fiona Lim Tung
The house for a collector is a hybrid type that blurs the boundaries between house, museum, and archive. As a building, this small but complex collection of spaces must participate in the concern for the thoughtful and inventive accommodation and augmentation of the collection, while still addressing notions of home. 

Perception of Light

This project explores the extent in which architecture can control and manipulate natural lighting. This house is designed for a collector of vintage spectacles and the design reflects the nuances and characteristics of this collection. The house itself is designed to act as an optical instrument: reflecting light, omitting light, and receiving light. Various shading devices are used to create unique moments of light which  frame the collection that the collector has on display.

This house is situated in the Riverbluffs Park in Galt, Cambridge. It naturally intergrates itself into the hill, taking on the incline in elevation as a key element of the design.

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