2019-20 Award Winner - Matthew Barker


Congratulations to Matthew Barker, who received a Canadian Architect Student Award of Excellence nomination and thesis commendation.

Matthew is an Intern Architect based in Toronto, practicing in the field of mission critical and health care architecture at David Carter Architects. Matthew pursued his interests in studying the underlying mechanisms that drive urban form of cities, which led to his analysis of the Avenues and Mid-Rise Buildings Study as not being flexible enough to support the current amount of density that is required to facilitate the re-urbanization of Toronto’s avenues. The thesis presents alternative building design guidelines to guide the urban form of buildings and presents what this might look like through diagrammatic representations of buildings on case study sites and using street perspectives. St. Clair Ave. W is only one of many avenues in Toronto planned for re-urbanization, and while each avenue is similar, they are all different. This flexible approach to accommodating redevelopment could be used to inform the guidelines for new development along many different avenues. 

"Incremental Urban Intensification: Managing the Re-Urbanization of Toronto’s Avenues"
Supervised by Val Rynnimeri