Anne Bordeleau


A registered architect in Quebec, Anne Bordeleau was awarded a PhD from the Bartlett School of Graduate Studies (University College London, UK) after receiving her professional degree and Masters in the history and theory of architecture from McGill University (Montreal). She is an architect and historian with publications on the temporal dimensions of casting, drawings, maps, buildings and architecture more generally. She has published articles in numerous international journals (Journal of ArchitectureArchitectural Theory Review, Architectural History, Architecture_MPS, Footprint), along with chapters in edited books (Materiality and Architecture, Chora 7, Architecture’s Appeal), and a monograph, Charles Robert Cockerell, Architect in Time: Reflections Around Anachronistic Drawings (Ashgate, 2014)She is one of four principals who worked on The Evidence Room, an exhibition in the central pavilion of the 15th Venice Biennale in 2016, and Architecture as Evidence (Canadian Centre of Architecture, 2016).

Dr Bordeleau’s research interests include the epistemology of the architectural project, as well as the historiographical and practical bearing of investigating the relations between architecture and time. Her teaching, research and practice have covered many fields, from medieval to modern cultural history, nineteenth-century architectural history and theory, the question of the preservation and communication of culture through architecture, concerns pertaining to rural architecture in contemporary China, as well as historical and theoretical considerations of casting as a practice. She is fundamentally interested in architecture as a cultural act, a commitment that informs her research as much as her approach to education.

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