Haji Nakamura

Adjunct Professor

Haji Nakamura is a licensed architect with an interest in aspects of craft and fabrication. An advocate of a hands-on approach to the realization of design development and conceptualization, Haji is an enthusiastic advocate for a diverse and multifaceted practice, both in his work and as a studio instructor. His experience includes several projects built by himself, allowing for opportunities to test and invent assemblies that have enabled remarkable architectural details. 

Haji graduated from The University of Toronto with a B.Arch in 2002 and has since worked with Bruce Mau Design (in collaboration with Frank Gehry Associates LLP) and Architects Alliance. Haji co-founded NCDA in 2009 with Megan Cassidy to create an architecture that is based on spatial complexity and playful experiences. Haji maintains strong connections to the local design community as an educator and sessional teaching member of the studio faculty at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture and Ryerson University School of Interior Design.