Mr Humfreez

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    Photograph of Mr Humfreez object on a table
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    poster for Mr. Humfreez
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    Photo of Children playing with Mr Humfreez
Critical Matter: Materials, Computation + Craft
Project Team

Project Co-Authors:
Ammar Ghazal, Jim Shi, Yesul (Elly) Cho

In partnership with:
TBWA and ANZ Bank

Project Date

Mr Humfreez is a woolly sheep with horns that uncurl with humidity and a thermochromic nose that gages temperature. Mr Humfreez is a healthy home device that is aimed at helping New Zealanders live in a warm and dry home. The little sheep uses clever design and engineering to let you know if the house is too damp, or too cold. “Mr Humfreez goes blue in the face when the temperature dips below the healthy level of 18°C. To prevent mould growth, the amount of moisture in your home (relative humidity) should ideally be below 65% most of the time. This is why Mr Humfreez warns you by uncurling his horns when the moisture in the air exceeds 65% (relative humidity).”