PTAF- Polygon Tessellation to Approximate Frame. A method for the design and analysis of complex frames

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    Graphic representation of Polygon Tessellation to Approximate Frame process
    Polygon Tessellation to Approximate Frame
    Richard Mui
Richard Mui

Complex frames are difficult to model because there are so many elements and redundant load paths. In order to explore the realm of complex frames, there needs to be a technique for approximate modelling to allow for rapid analysis with dependable accuracy. This thesis proposes the Polygon Tessellation to Approximate Frame (PTAF) method for rapid structural analysis of the Living Architecture Systems (LAS) group’s complex frames. The PTAF method uses the LAS composition design polygons as inputs for a parametric script that generates a simplified frame model. This model can be used for Finite Element Analysis (FEA) because it has perfect connectivity. By simplifying the model, the analysis can be run quickly on conventional computer hardware. In this way, structural performance can be evaluated without significant time investment.

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Critical Matter: Materials, Computation + Craft